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    Founder and CEO David Gray loves a challenge. After creating, growing, and successfully selling Flight Display Systems, his new startup Send Solutions aims to deliver new technology in innovative ways. From military to yachting, these new products will be quickly delivered with excellent results. If you are looking for innovation, you have come to the right place.

    How We Work

    Engineering solutions don't have to take months or years. Using proven startup methodologies and rapid prototyping, Send Solutions makes magic for our customers. We can quickly deliver accurate representations of your ideas using modern electronics and technology.  Together, we will create the final product that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.  Find out why large and small companies have considered us their go-to team for R & D projects.

  • About Us: By the Numbers

    Previous Aviation Experience


    Products created with FAA approval


    United States Patent awards


    Flight hours, and counting

    Airtext Flying on:

    PC-12, Citation X, Citation Excel, CJ3+, M2, Mustang, Phenom, HS800XP, L-35, L-45, L-55, L-60, KA-90, 200, 350,CL-300, and more!

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    2018 Aero News Network Interview


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    2018 AEA-New Product Introductions


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    Aero-TV NBAA 2017



    AVweb Clip - NBAA 2017



    New Capability - Big Data


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    New Capability - FBOlink


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    2017 Airborne News Network Interview

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    2017 AEA New Product Presentation

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    Introducing Airtext +

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    Why I Love My Job!

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    Airtext Explanation

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    AEA Presentation video!

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    AEA Aero-TV Interview

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    Very detailed explanation



    How Airtext Application Works

    Apple Version

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    Android Version

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    Future Growth of Airtext

    Iridium Next - Coming Soon

    First 10 Replacement Satellites

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    First Launch of Iridium Next

    Landing of First Stage on Barge

    Launched January 14, 2017

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    Second Launch of Iridium Next

    Now With 20 New Satellites Deployed

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    Powerful Communication - 140 Characters at a Time


    Current Airtext Single Flight Record- 179 Text Messages

    NBAA November 2015 was the introduction for Send Solutions' launch product Airtext. Airtext solves the problem of staying connected electronically to business, friends and family without the high cost of a traditional internet option. Airtext allows 16 passengers the ability to send and receive SMS messages anywhere in the world. On the ground or in the air. Using the iridium satellite network, we have designed a product that allows connectivity through your cell phone while on the airplane.


    For essentially 5 cents a message, all passengers can simultaneously message on-board the airplane. Using new technology BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) found in modern phones, the passengers open a free application loaded on their phone giving them access to Airtext. The hardware consists of a small "paperback" sized FAA-approved Airtext box weighing about 1 pound that is installed on the airplane and connects to the existing iridium phone antenna found on most airplanes. Then, utilizing a simple switch, the operator can change from voice mode for talking on the phone, to data mode for messaging.


    We Are Now STC'd with Airtext!

     STC Number: ST04269AT


    We Now Have FAA PMA!

    = Parts Manufacturing Approval


    Airtext is a registered trademark! After 7 months of application and approval we have been granted authorization to use the trademark symbol. We believe our product name will become a huge brand going forward. Aircraft installations have been completed by several certified avionics facilities; Duncan Aviation - Battle Creek & Lincoln, Textron Aviation - Wichita, Epps Aviation, Stevens Aviation - Dayton, Western Jet Aviation and others are in process. We have been flying Airtext on the Citation X certification aircraft since November 2015 with great results. On June 24th, we received our STC approval! Parts Manufacturing Approval was awarded on July 8th! This means our manufacturing quality control manual has been approved and our facilities inspected. We can now ship Airtext to qualified Avionics facilities for installation.


    Messages are quick and delivered to the appropriate device. Multiple users can simultaneously send and receive while aboard the airplane on the ground or in the air. All indications are we will exceed our expectations for ease of use and cost estimates. One customer recently returned from crossing the Atlantic and it was very fun to text them while flying and on the ground in different locations outside the continental US. The amazing thing is it works so well and you just assume you are texting like you do with your ground based cell phone.


    The hardware cost is $9,750 and the installation cost will be determined by the avionics installation facility. Deliveries have begun and we have recently completed a production run of 50 Airtext units. Data plan is $300 per year for Iridium and Airtext network connection including the first 1000 text messages and two dedicated text numbers. Additional messages are 5 cents. Contact Send Solutions for a certified avionics facility near you.


    Having flown with the system on the Citation X, in a PC-12 and now in my Mooney Ovation 2, I can tell you this is an amazing product. The growth plan for this product is significant. We have already seen where business was accomplished and that just staying in touch with family and friends is extremely easy with Airtext! Simple, fast, and affordable. All this without the hassles of being over 10,000 feet above the ground or not having to be located only in the US. Texting is the wave of the future (and now). Get on-board with "staying in touch without spending too much."


    Check out our new Airtext web page- www.airtext.aero


    Here's what aircraft owners are saying about Airtext


    "An incredibly useful solution to an expensive problem at half the cost" - Lance Toland

    "Easy to use, Great Business Tool" - Bob Wilson

    "Works well, I really like it” - Tom Haas

    "Airtext provides fast and reliable ability to text on the ground or in the air “ - John Dunham




    Aircraft Internet Experience

    Texting, an Alternative Solution


    Disappointment, Shock & Anger - Not the response you expect after you have purchased a new internet solution for your airplane.  However, if you poll flight departments that have made such a purchase, these are several of their emotions and feelings.


    Disappointment - Aircraft Internet sounds like an easy problem to solve but instead it has been mostly evasive.  Something other than what was imagined.  What the customer wants is the same service and capabilities that they have in their office and home.  What the customer gets is significantly less.  


    The laws of physics are in play here.  Bandwidth is the culprit and flying is the challenge.  With a big enough antenna (which will not fit on most aircraft) and a large enough investment (commonly over 20% of the value of the airplane) you can get something that is pretty good for a few passengers (2-3).  Frustration mounts when the passenger experiences the slow upload and download of files or trying to surf the internet for a specific website.


    Several systems are limited to when and where they can be used.  The largest provider uses Wifi which is disabled from the ground to 10,000 feet above the ground.  If you consider that the average NBAA flight is 2 hours long, and the time from entrance door closure, engine start, taxi and climb to 10,000 feet is generally 15 minutes and again 15 minutes when descending, vectoring, landing, taxi and door opening there is an aggravate of 30 minutes that the internet is not available.  Limiting passengers usage for approximately 25% of their time in the airplane. This was not the intended purpose of purchasing the product.  


    Shock - Receiving bills that are significantly larger than anticipated place the customer in apoplectic shock.  It is surprising that some haven’t sent bills back to manufacturers for medical stress when seeing something that drastically affects the efficiencies they thought they gained by having an airplane.  The stories are rampant.  The bored passenger watches You Tube video’s and then they get a $10,000 bill about 60 days later.  The son or daughter of an aircraft owner surf’s the internet and 60 days later a huge bill arrives.  Potential customers are flown into the headquarters and while aboard try to use the internet like they would at their office.  Same result.  Yikes


    Asking the pilot and co-pilot to manage the passengers and dole out who can and cannot use the internet has not worked well.  Pilot’s are not prone to telling people “NO - you can’t” for fear that they will get negative reviews up to their boss and lose their job.  It just isn’t in the pilot’s DNA to be internet sheriff.



    (PSST! - The WiFi Secret) Essentially 90% of aircraft communication systems are using WiFi to connect with the passengers. There is a problem.  Flight Departments understand that when they are using the internet they are spending money and see how they could vary their costs by regulating usage.  What they don't see is the secret is that everyone's device is configured to update their apps and program via WiFi.  The device does not know that it is on an aircraft where the connectivity is pricey.  The device just sees the WiFi and says - "I'm going to update my apps and program".  $Cha-Ching$.  This is a backdoor, money-making, secret that the designers of WiFi aircraft systems haven't shared with their customers.


    Anger - feeling like they were sold a bill of goods, the customer is told, “this is the best that is available”, or, “if you would have paid more you could have had”.  Many flight departments have either placed an internet on/off switch in the cockpit or disconnected the expensive system to prevent the disappointment and shock as pointed out above.  The finger-pointing begins from the avionics shop to the manufacturer to the pilot to the customer.  This is not what constitutes a good and lasting business arrangement.  


    Buyer Beware - Not the message we want to give customers.  In aviation the customer is looking to industry professionals to have done the research and present  options with alternative features and benefits.  The big dollar sale may garner a customer and satisfy the immediate revenue needs of the business.  However, if that customer is then faced with Disappointment, Shock & Anger, this will create less business going forward.


    An alternative solution -  Because of physics, and more importantly cost implications, I suggest an alternative.  Texting  Consider texting as a subset of electronic correspondence. Texting can get information communicated in a quick and efficient manner, availability worldwide, anytime inside the airplane (from the ground up), at a significantly lower cost.  Because a text message is relatively small (generally 140 characters or less) SBM - short burst messaging is available.  These bursts enable low cost transmissions through the world-wide iridium satellite system.  The small bandwidth usage dramatically increases the numbers of passengers simultaneously using the system with no loss of performance. 


    Critically evaluate the needs for your passengers.  How many passengers will need internet access and what benefit will that yield.   If you need to have an internet solution, and can carry more than 2 passengers, my suggestion is that you supplement the electronic communications with a texting option.  Once you go beyond a threshold of 2-3 people on the internet the experience is seriously degraded for all.   Consider sending passengers other than C-level executives to the texting option.  The relatively low cost for texting will keep the Disappointment, Shock & Anger to a minimum.

    3S Engineering Completes Part 23 AML-STC for Send Solutions’ Airtext® and Airtext+ Systems

    WICHITA, Kan. (Oct. 30, 2017)3S Engineering LLC has issued a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that enables affordable airborne text messaging via Send Solutions’ Airtext® and Airtext+ systems. 3S, an FAA-designated STC Organization Designation Authorization (STC-ODA), has developed and issued an Approved Model List STC (AML-STC) certifying the installation of Send Solutions’ airborne texting systems in FAR Part 23 aircraft, helping passengers stay connected without the high cost incurred with traditional internet services.

    “We are very excited to collaborate with the Send Solutions team to market an FAA-approved STC installation package for their revolutionary Airtext products,” said Randy Eno, 3S Engineering general manager. “The AML-STC allows Airtext customers and their selected aircraft modification centers to purchase an affordable solution that gives crewmembers and passengers the seamless connectivity they enjoy on the ground while avoiding the complexity and delays of seeking an FAA Field approval.” 

    The 3S Airtext AML-STC provides a fully approved FAA installation data package for aircraft included in the STC’s AML: the Pilatus PC-12 series and Textron Aviation’s King Air 90/200/300 series aircraft. The package includes all required installation and airworthiness documentation. Interested aircraft modification centers can purchase the AML-STC directly from 3S Engineering at 3s-engineering.com. Additional aircraft models will be added to the AML based on customer demand.

    Airtext connects passengers in the air to friends, family and colleagues around the world using the iridium satellite network. Passengers access the network through a free app installed on a smartphone that connects to the internet via a small piece of hardware installed on the aircraft itself. The average cost per message is just five cents, allowing up to 16 passengers the ability to send and receive SMS messages anywhere, any time, without altitude restrictions. 

    3S Engineering is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corporation, a decades-old, multi-billion-dollar aerospace, aviation, electronics, and systems integration company. For more than 10 years, 3S Engineering and its sister company 3S Certification LLC, have acted as subject matter experts specializing in avionics and cabin equipment modifications and certification. 

    About 3S-Engineering 
    3S Engineering is designated by the FAA as a Supplemental Type Certificate Organization Designation Authorization (STC-ODA). This FAA designation allows 3S to act on behalf of the FAA to approve and issue STCs covering modifications to a wide variety of both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. This capability allows 3S to certify aircraft modifications for customers in a faster, more efficient manner. 3S has over 50 FAA-designated Unit Members (UMs) covering all major technical and inspection disciplines in support of STC approvals. Our Engineering team also provides comprehensive engineering installation design and compliance data development for aircraft modifications, cockpit and avionics system integration, major structural modifications, and interior and cabin electronics upgrades. For more information, visit www.3s-engineering.com 

    About Send Solutions 
    Send Solutions aims to deliver new technology in innovative ways. Send Solutions’ launch product, Airtext, solves the problem of staying connected electronically to business, friends and family without the high cost of a traditional internet option. Airtext allows up to16 passengers the ability to send and receive SMS messages anywhere in the world – On the ground or in the air. Using the iridium satellite network, Send Solutions has designed a product that allows cell phone connectivity while in-air. 
    Using new technology BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) found in modern phones, passengers simply open a free application to access to Airtext. The hardware consists of a one-pound, "paperback-sized,” FAA-approved Airtext box that is installed on the aircraft and connects to the existing iridium phone antenna found on most airplanes. For more information, visit www.airtext.aero

  • Current Projects


    Custom-designed solutions for defense and tactical needs. We create ruggedized products for special mission customers around the world. Through appraisal, evaluation and fresh-ideas, we bring new life to an older vehicle or retrofit project.  Saving money is not just an idea, it is one of our core principals.


    Please contact us so we can share information through NDA about our projects in-process.


    New News!

    We have just shipped our first three units and are Beta testing our "Skiff-Link" Product. This looks very exciting and offers a neat way to stay in touch with your passengers that are miles away from the yacht. Up to 8 devices on the Skiff can be simultaneously texting. Currently aboard a Nordham 86', a Spenser 61', and a Fraser 179'.



    Still in Development - Entertainment options for discerning yacht owners. Imagine a digital library with everything you need for movies and more. Easy integration from home to yacht without the hassle of learning a different control system. Custom-designed to meet the needs of luxury clientele. Zephyr, our launch product provides , skiff and other vessel tracking, as well as a myriad of operator customization and crew interface capabilities.

    Specialty Aviation

    Private and military aircraft customers rely on Send Solutions for new products and innovative ideas. Including noise cancellation, and wireless engineering. Introducing launch product Airtext, our low cost, worldwide, multi-user, electronic messaging service. Introducing FleetLink - the connection between Dispatch and the airplane. Text messaging initiated from a PC to the flight crew or passenger. Surprising capability! Iridium Next will broaden the spectrum for data transmission. Stay tuned for increased capabilities. FBOlink is now live and data communications are no longer at the mercy of VHF radio range. GAME CHANGER!









  • Meet the Team

    Our engineering team includes talent from the fields of software, firmware, hardware, and more. We have dozens of years of industry experience including Aviation, Electronics, Technology, and more.

    • David Gray, Founder and CEO
    • Joe Little, Research and Development
    • Don Presley, Sr. Firmware Engineer
    • Jonathan Pinson, General Manager
    • Colton Cross, Firmware Engineer
    • David Oblinger, QA Engineer
    • John Evans, Mechanical Engineer
    • Sharon Heideck, Accounting

    & Others


    Flying is fun! It is our passion

    Here is a short video w/Nick Gray



    Another fun video - 2016 NBAA


  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA

  • 2019 Trade Show Schedule

    The best way to meet our team, see the products and understand the benefits of our offerings, is to visit us at a Trade Show. If you want to see "What's New", we are the company for you. If you want to get someone to "Create a Product" that you need, we are the company for you. If you want to bounce ideas, concepts and "What-If's", we are the company for you. Don't look for a fancy booth with glamours models and products behind glass that you can't touch. We are all about showing you what is real and where we are going. No "Vapor-ware" sales from us. Come see us at one of these trade shows in 2018. You will enjoy the nuts and bolts discussions.

    2019 Events

    AEA National Convention, March 26-27, Palm Springs, CA Booth 111

    Sun - N -Fun, March, April 2-7, Lakeland FL, Booth C Hangar

    MMOPA, May 30 - June 1, Amelia Island, FL

    POPA National Convention, June 6-8, CA

    AirVenture 2018, July 21-28, Oshkosh, WI, Bldg. C, Booth

    Citation Jet Pilots, Sept 5-7, Colorado Springs, CO

    TBM, Sept 26-28, Denver, CO

    NBAA National Convention, October 22-24, Orlando, FL, Booth TBA

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